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Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry

At North Bramalea Dental, we love taking care of children’s teeth and gums to prevent future oral disease and dental problems. Our team take special interest in getting children started on a path to a lifetime of dental wellness and we are trained and dedicated to making your child’s dental visits as relaxing and pleasant as possible. We have children’s TV shows and cartoons available in the dental chairs. For the more anxious little patients, we also offer Nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to further alleviate their anxiety.

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Preparing for Your Child’s First Visit

An oral health exam is essential to analyze if your child has any issues with their teeth, jaw, gums and oral tissues. This check-up is necessary to check if your child has developed tooth decay. We will look for any irregularities in your child’s primary teeth and adult teeth that may be forming. We will also go over your child’s diet and oral hygiene habits to take preventable measures.

If you anticipate your child having a positive reaction to our office, then chances are that your child will have an enjoyable first dental visit to our office.

Please, Do NOT:

  • Make promises as to what we will or will not do
  • Threaten them with work that may or may not need to be done

Try to avoid having your child hear negative stories about dentistry or have them hear anxiety provoking words such as drill, shot, hurt, needle. 

Three-way communication is ineffective and mostly confusing for children. Please, be a silent observer as this allows us to maintain a better communication with your child and provide direction in order to achieve the desired outcome. Depending on whether your child will benefit from your presence during the visit, we will ask you to either accompany them into the treatment area or have you relax in the reception lounge.

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