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Emergency Dentistry


Emergency Dentistry Services

We know that a dental emergency can be agonizing and not something you want to wait to address. Whether it’s a painful or broken tooth or mouth injury, we offer emergency dental services to help alleviate your pain and protect your teeth and gums from further trauma. 

How Can I Schedule Emergency Dental Care?

If you are experiencing dental pain during our regular hours, call our main line at 905-793-5900, and we will do our best to schedule your appointment the same day. Our experienced team can diagnose your condition and help manage your symptoms and reduce your pain. 


Our Emergency Dental Services

We offer emergency dental services to alleviate pain and lessen the chance of long-term issues. You can find some of our urgent care options below.

  • Tooth extractions
  • Treatment of damaged or broken teeth
  • Care for oral/tooth infections
  • Pain management for toothaches
  • Treatment for damaged fillings and crowns
  • Care for swollen wisdom teeth

How Do I Know If My Dental Pain Is an Emergency?

  • If you are experiencing severe dental pain that could worsen if not treated, you should call us to request immediate care. Some common conditions are below:

    • Broken Teeth
    • Pain or Sensitivity in Teeth, Gums or Jaw
    • Broken or Loose Fillings
    • Cracked Crowns
    • Tooth Sensitivity
    • Severe Sinus Pressure
    • Abscessed Tooth

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