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Dental Fillings


Fillings repair cavities so that your dental hygiene no longer continues to suffer as a result of their presence. Depending on the type of filling, we can restore your teeth to their original appearance and function. Here at North Bramalea Dental, we can help no matter the size or placement of your cavity.

What To Expect

Our dentist will numb your mouth (teeth, gums, and the surrounding area). It helps to prevent any discomfort for you during the procedure. 

Next, we will clean out the decay within the tooth and replace the cavity with a filling. The timing of this procedure could vary due to the size and location of your cavity.

After the procedure has finished, another thing to be aware of is that your mouth and the surrounding area will probably remain numb for up to a few hours. 

Our colleagues here at the North Bramalea Dental Practice will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this service during your appointment. 

Types of Fillings

We offer white esthetics fillings at North Bramalea Dental

Composite fillings can resemble your tooth’s original colour, making them well suited to the more visible places within your mouth. 

Composite fillings can also require removing less of the tooth structure when bonding, and they provide extra support after the bond has set.

Glass Ionomer

Glass Ionomer fillings are also able to resemble the original colour of your tooth. They consist of acrylic and powdered glass that forms a chemical bond with the damaged tooth. 

They are often for fillings below the gum line and high caries risk areas and release fluoride to prevent the tooth from decaying further.

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