If the notion of seeing the dentist makes you feel sick, you’re not alone! Dental fear is a genuine problem, but it is extremely treatable. Continue reading to learn 10 dental anxiety-relieving ideas for your next dental appointment.

1. Look for a dental practice that caters to dental phobia.

Because dental anxiety is so widespread, many dentists make efforts to reduce it. When scheduling your appointment, inquire about how your dental practice handles dental anxiety.

2. Don’t go on your first dental appointment alone.

You will feel more at ease if you know that someone you know is with you.

3. Arrive on time but not too early.

The last thing you want is to have to wait a long time to visit the dentist since this will only increase your anxiety. So bring something to read to keep yourself occupied while you wait.

4. Use some relaxation techniques like music or breathing exercises.

When you find a successful relaxing strategy, you’ll be astonished at how much power you have over your anxiety.  If your dental concerns are related to the sounds of the drills and other dental instruments. You can listen to music through headphones during the visit that will blackout noise and focus on soothing and relaxing sounds you enjoy. However, some people’s dental anxiety manifests as irregular breathing patterns.  it might be helpful to try breathing exercises but simply making an effort to take constant deep breaths can  relieve stress and help the patient feel more comfortable 

  5. Ask your dentist for appropriate sedation options.

Painless dentistry is a reality, and it is the dentist’s obligation to make sure you are not uncomfortable while the dentist is working in your mouth.

During a dental procedure, sedation dentistry involves the use of medications to assist the patient to relax and experience less pain and anxiety. Ask your dentist whether this is a service they provide since it might help you feel more at ease during your dental appointment.

6. Ask questions.

During a procedure, don’t be scared to ask the dentist to clarify what they’re doing. Often, just hearing a calming voice is enough to get you through dental procedures.

7. Take breaks.

Ensure that you take as many breaks as you require. When it’s required, a caring dental team will allow you to unwind.  You can work out a way to use hand signals to get the attention of the dental professional during a procedure. By developing a hand signal  you can signal your dentist when you feel you need a break especially if you are listening to music during your treatment 


8. Make your next appointment before you leave the office.

If you don’t have to call the office to make a follow-up appointment, you’re more likely to attend.

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Here at our dental practice, we help our patients feel more comfortable and relaxed by creating a friendly environment. Use these dental anxiety strategies to help you get through your next appointment, and you’ll have a healthy smile when you get back. Our friendly dental professionals are more than happy to answer your questions and address your dental anxiety concerns 

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